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Hiddy Banner

We’re proud to present the new hiddy banner

Hiddy banner

Please insert Hiddy banner after install Hiddy on your WP site

Here is the code for your blog:

<a href="" target="hiddy"><img src="" border="0" alt="I use Hiddy!" title="I use Hiddy!" /></a>

Have an Hiddy day :)

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Hiddy wordpress plugin (captcha like)

Hiddy Wordpress plugin is a captcha like system to prevent from spam comment.

Based on Merlinox’s idea: hidden captcha

See Installation detail

This plugin will add a simple input text in the comments form, this text will be hidden with a stylesheet and the when a user post a comment it will check for the input and check if it is empty.

So simple, so efficent.

To download the lates version go to the Hiddy download section

Here is the changelog, latest version 0.5b

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