The plugin is based on an idea by Merlinox

With the help of many people i developed this plugin just to play a little with WordPress platform, infact the domain hiddy.etechs.it is WP based.

I choose WP because it’s simple and flexible, much more than joomla or mambo. Not the same thing but i think it’s so simple to use.

The first article about hiddy is on my site www.etechs.it you can find it here:


Then i decided to create this domain to receive some comment/suggestions about the plugin.
Hope to support everything about HIDDY

Many Many thanks

Merlinox had the idea (http://blog.merlinox.com)
K76 (me) developed plugin (http://www.etechs.it)
Shor tested in a huge trafficked site (http://www.geekissimo.com)
MAvero tested with optimal results (http://www.setfocus.it)
Dgrossato improved randomly  (http://dgrossato.blogspot.com)
Davide Salerno patched the plugin for WP 2.7  (http://www.davidesalerno.net)

and last but not least, thanks to Franco Pasi aka capt Harlock 77 for the time spent talking about the heuristic method..

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  1. Problem with theme modernize from http://goodlayers.com/
    the extension prevents the text selection
    Can you do enithing ?

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