Hiddy Changelog

This  is the history of a “simple” plugin

1.5.5 2011/12/19 added hiddy hidden input on user registration form if enabled by wp

1.5.1 2011/11/08 carrington-mobile fix (disabled hiddy in mobile version)

1.5   2011/10/24  disabled default proud message display
     php code fixes (now cannot launch hiddy.php page, returns 404 error)
     removed already integrated WP antiflood function

1.4b   2011/10/20 ereg functions are deprecated in php 5.3.0 so preg_match is the new funzions
     modified footer message
     modified inherit div style in footer message

1.4 2011/10/19 fixes dashboard edit and reply in wp 3.x

1.3  2008/12/22 Enable dashboard editing and reply in WP 2.7 tnx to Davide Salerno

1.2  2008/04/29 bug fix for compatibility with FireFox and password management
Same problem, incompatibilty with Wp-OpenID plugin

1.1b  2007/12/04 Activate/deactivate trackback filter
hooked trackback
improoved performance in stylesheet call
little bug fix
1.0  2007/11/26 Added option page for flooding settings
0.6b 2007/11/20  Fixed some php bug :/
0.6  2007/11/16  Fixed a bug for WP 2.3.1.
added time spent posting comment check
removed function.php
integrated genpass function
0.5b 2007/10/24  Bug fix (tnx to Crestina)
0.5 2007/10/09 added random stylesheet name
added random field name
added random field type
tnx to dgrossato for the ideas http://dgrossato.blogspot.com/
0.2 Fix bug in edit comment (tnx Shor www.geekissimo.com)
0.1b Don’t show comments that are not approved
0.1a 2007/10/05 Initial release

Thanks to all who sent bug reports and ideas for improvements.
Please send me a mail if I forgot you to mention here.

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  1. Hi, I’m a web designer and installed your plugin on denverhighlandslaw.com. Do I need to place any short code in my contact form in order for this to work? Or is activating it simply enough? Thanks!

  2. hi robin, i tried to connect on your site, but it doesn’t work.
    when you activate the plugin it’s fully working no code to write.

  3. Hiddy: dai un taglio allo spam - pingback on June 8, 2013 at 5:07 pm

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