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Hiddy hosted now by WordPress.org

Now Hiddy is hosted by wordpress.org, so now we can use the autoupdate function.

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Hiddy 1.4 is out

Minor fixes in this version of this captcha like antispam.

This plugin will add a simple input text in the comments form, this text will be hidden with a stylesheet and the when a user post a comment it will check for the input and check if it is empty.

Here is the file: hiddy-14

enjoy it!

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Hiddy 1.3 – Enables dashboard editing and reply in WordPress 2.7

Due to the wordpress upgrade in version 2.7  all of you notice that Hiddy blocked every comment edited or replied from the Dashboard.

Davide Salerno had the right solution so he fixed this bug.

He simply added a check to the line 106, if the user is an administrator user then the comment is trusted :) … it’s a nice workaround.

Many thanks Davide!
Here is the file: hiddy-13

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New version hiddy 1.2 – fixing some problem

Many users find out a problem using Wp-OpenID plugin or using Firefox as browser and enabling its own password management.

Pseudotecnico find out the real mistake, when hiddy randomly choose a password type field it should be filled by automatic password management so the comment will be checked and signed as spam, the same thing happens with the Wp-OpenID pluing.

So now i released the 1.2 version, enjoy the new plugin, download it

ChangeLog updated

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Gmail captcha Crash… please use Hiddy!

Spammers assult gmail and hack its captcha. You can read it on a very important tech italian magazine: punto informatico!

Hiddy in installed from many months in hundred  blogs with very success.
And so what are you waiting: remove now your captcha check and install hiddy!

If you don’t use wordpress read how create an hiddy system on your site!

(italian version)

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Trackback filter activate/deactivate

Italian Version here 

Here we are, this new version 1.1b resolve some problem about trackback and pingback.

Before this versione all trackback comments were considered spam, so deleted. Now you can decide to ignore trackback or consider it as it is.

You can activate or deactivate filter for the trackback/pingback comments by accessing the manager in option tab then  hiddy manager tab

here’s a  manager  shoot

Go to the download section get the new version

Please don’t forget to donate :)

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Now in version 1.0 antiflood and option page

Italian Version 

Here we ara with a new version of this plugin, in this version you’re provided with a new option page in in the admin  interface, this option page permit you to setup the minimum time spent to write a post.

We encoutered some error on 0.6 installing this plugin on a debian distro

Fixed those bug in 0.6b (never published)

Go to the Download page for the 1.0 version

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New version 0.6

Hiddy is going up to version 0.6 (italian version)

In download page you can find the new hiddy’s version.

We made some minor bug fixes, such as function.php directly integrated in hiddy.php or style management.

But the real change is a new field in the form, it calculates the actual time (in secs) then when someone post the comment, hiddy checks the difference between the hidden field and the actual time in secs, if the time spent for posting is lower than 15 hiddy say that you are flooding, comment will be deleted and a go back link appear.

If a spam bot is posting to your blog, surely it doesn’t spend much more than 5 secs to submit the comment.

A collateral effect is the flood prevention, even if WP has its own.

download the new version here >

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Hiddy Banner

We’re proud to present the new hiddy banner

Hiddy banner

Please insert Hiddy banner after install Hiddy on your WP site

Here is the code for your blog:

<a href="http://hiddy.etechs.it" target="hiddy"><img src="http://hiddy.etechs.it/images/hiddy-banner-12060.gif" border="0" alt="I use Hiddy!" title="I use Hiddy!" /></a>

Have an Hiddy day :)

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Hiddy wordpress plugin (captcha like)

Hiddy Wordpress plugin is a captcha like system to prevent from spam comment.

Based on Merlinox’s idea: hidden captcha

See Installation detail

This plugin will add a simple input text in the comments form, this text will be hidden with a stylesheet and the when a user post a comment it will check for the input and check if it is empty.

So simple, so efficent.

To download the lates version go to the Hiddy download section

Here is the changelog, latest version 0.5b

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